JSA offers a full range of consulting services that we customize to each client’s industry segment and operational requirements. Because our principals and commercial brokers have held decision-making positions in commercial grain businesses, they have extensive experience with the logistics, procurement and sale of grains of all types, as well as international grain trade and ethanol and oilseed processing.

JSA leverages this valuable agricultural experience with team-based consulting, offering our clients broader and deeper trading and risk management recommendations than they might get from an individual broker.

Commodity Futures Consulting Services

Some JSA clients require consulting on their future trades without brokerage services. For this client segment we make pre-opening futures market telephone calls with information about factors that may influence that day’s market. We send emails throughout the day updating market and weather recaps. Other JSA provided  resources include our e-newsletter Market Views, market studies, JSA proprietary data, and The ProExporter Network (PRX) research data updates.

Risk Management Consulting Services

JSA risk management clients receive our full range of services, plus advice and guidance with grain hedging and grain price information and grain purchasing. Our information and assistance is geared to their specific industry’s risk management and necessary financial reporting.

Cash Basis Consulting Services

We offer daily recaps and a yearly history for main cash markets that provide the average fall basis and best net return to storage going into summer, calculated weekly. We augment this data with The ProExporter monthly data, which provides cash market specific supply and demand studies that reveal surplus and deficit grain areas, with the likely basis impact. Additional basis studies are available that take into account net return to storage and comparisons to previous years.

Fees vary according to consulting requirements.