JSA clients benefit from our unique combination of merchandising and asset management skills. Our hands-on attention to hedging and consulting clients provides information custom-tailored to their unique situation and market.

Grain Elevators and Grain Processors

JSA has grain elevator customers in all major grain states and provides customized risk management and merchandising strategies designed to meet each client ’s handling, processing and consumptive requirements. Customers receive daily updates on market developments and real-time information on crop and market conditions as they change. Up-to-the-minute market information and JSA’s proprietary historical data on basis and spreads gives us unequaled insight for helping clients manage commodity risk. The JSA team’s understanding of all transportation modes combined with experience in cash grain trading gives us a unique perspective that benefits our clients.

Livestock Producers

Cattle, hog and poultry operations face unique hedging requirements based on transportation and feed costs and location. At JSA, we understand that commodity market conditions, transportation costs, global supply and demand all impact margins. Our extensive historical database gives us the ability to better discern and analyze market conditions.


In consulting and trading for ethanol customers, JSA utilizes input from transportation experts, energy consultants and analysts of governmental actions and regulations. We provide guidance in trading grain, energy futures, swaps and options, based on our understanding of ethanol processors’ and other industry participants’ need to carefully allocate funds committed to hedging margins.

Feed Manufacturers

JSA’s experienced team knows that fluctuations in the cash basis and futures spreads can have a dramatic impact on the cost of grain. We use our extensive basis history and our proprietary spread forecasting models to help our feed manufacturer clients manage cost.

Food, Ingredient, and Industrial Product Manufacturers

We serve a diverse group of clients in this sector. Some customers utilize grains, proteins and energy as inputs.  They can use futures hedging to manage risk, tapping into our broad experience in asset management, proprietary data and core risk management to help make input pricing decisions. Other clients’ inputs are strictly grain-based and benefit from our analysis of market fundamentals such as weather and transportation’s impact on grain prices.


Our team understands the challenges producers face. Calling on our broad knowledge of cash grain trading, production agriculture, margin management, and government programs, we work to help clients achieve optimum price objectives.

Institutional and Individual Traders

Speculation has an important function in commodity markets. Traders face the challenges of volatility in fast-paced, constantly-evolving commodity markets. JSA utilizes its solid foundation in fundamental market knowledge coupled with actual trading experience to forecast price movement.